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The Barnum Festival has Suspended All Events for 2020

2020 FOCUS

The 72nd annual Barnum Festival continues the tradition of uniting the community. Just as P.T. Barnum inspired future generations, our 2020 Ringmaster- Frank T. Gennarini- is passionately committed to this year’s theme: 20/20- A Vision For the Future.  For twenty-five years, Frank has enthusiastically supported the Barnum Festival, volunteering in every aspect of the festivities.  He is looking forward to building on the success of past festivals, and inspiring Bridgeport and surrounding communities to come together and celebrate the life and legacy of P.T. Barnum through festival favorites, and new and exciting events. If you believe in magic stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come!

The Festival

The annual Barnum Festival is a seasonal celebration of the City of Bridgeport and its tight-knit community. Dating back to 1948, the festival originated to help support local businesses and honor P.T. Barnum—a world-renowned showman and city leader. The Barnum Festival spans several weeks in an effort to build community spirit, enrich the lives of Bridgeport residents, and give back, culminating in a weekend-long Barnum Palooza that hosts parades, concerts, fireworks, and other family-friendly events.

The Board

Robert Laska, President

Michael Bisciglia, VP

Frank J. Carroll, Secretary

Peter F. Hurst, Treasurer

William S. Murphy

Robert J Magee

S. George Santa

Andrew Julian

Paul Miller

Elizabeth M. Pfriem

Joseph Kasper Jr.

Kaye Williams

Mickey Herbert

Paul Delfino

Anthony Cernera

Charles M. Carroll

David D’Addario

Richard Bodine