2017 Ringmaster’s Address

Now that the 2017 Barnum?? Festival has?? come to a close, I would like to?? take this opportunity to thank all those who?? made this a tremendous?? success.

First to the Barnum Festival Board, who selected me to be the 69th?? Ringmaster, you gave me the?? opportunity of a lifetime.

The Executive Director of the Barnum Festival, Charley Carroll, who made my job as easy as possible, my Top Hat is off to you.

Joan, Nick, Judy & Ceil who kept the Barnum Office on track as event after event took place, you have my admiration?? and respect.

Thanks to the Judges of the Tom Thumb, Livinia Warren, Prince, Princess, King & Queen competition. You had to make tough choices as the candidates were awesome!

Without the support of my aides, Lorraine Gibbons, Bob Matthews & Bruce Silverstone, this would have been a much?? harder?? 10 months.

I cannot possibly thank all of the Volunteers who make the Festival run efficiently each and every year. Without your support there would be no Festival.

I am extremely grateful to all of the sponsors of the Festival. Without your support many of the activities benefitting the community would certainly not happen. In this difficult economic climate, it is even more impressive that you stepped up to the plate to help your community.

Each Ringmaster has a Royal Family and mine was Amazing. From Day one, they connected with one another and laughed and eat, (candy) their way through the Festival. The Road Show brought out the best in them as they entertained the folks at the 20 homes we visited.

Thanks also to the Chaperones who gave many hours to help the Royal Family as we travelled from lunches, parades, homes, the ball and fireworks.

Each Ringmaster needs the support of a loving family and I was certainly no exception. My wife, Mary Ann, sons Paul & Ryan were excited and eager to support me on this wonderful journey. We have lasting memories and pictures of this incredible adventure.

It is my hope that the 70th Ringmaster will have success, fun and many lasting memories from his reign.

'Terry O’Connor