Barnum Festival Hosts 70th Annual Meet the Ringmaster Dinner


Testo's Restaurant in Bridgeport hosted 2018 Ringmaster Johnny Vazzano and ringmasters of the past forty years this Monday.

BRIDGEPORT, CT (November 6, 2017)– The Barnum Festival, one of Bridgeport's best-loved annual traditions, kicked off the new Ringmaster's season with a dinner held at local Bridgeport restaurant Testo's this Monday evening. Attendees enjoyed excellent food and the chance to get to know Mr. Johnny Vazzano, a local business owner and community leader.

Mr. Vazzano was born and raised in Bridgeport and studied at Sacred Heart University, after which he joined the family-owned linen business, Savoy Linen. Five years later Mr. Vazzano opened his first restaurant- Vazzy's Brick Oven in Bridgeport- which he has since grown to a line of six Vazzy's restaurants throughout the Connecticut coastal region.

In 2011 Mr. Vazzano transformed Liedel's into Vazzano's Four Seasons banquet facility and took over the old Windmill restaurant in Stratford, renaming it the Windmill Tavern, which maintains its title as the oldest neighborhood bar in the country. ??

In more recent years, he has opened two new restaurants in the Lordship area, as well as Catamount Food Service, and Vazzano Brothers real estate rentals, which he operates with his three sons.

In between managing his many businesses, he also enjoys devoting a significant portion of his time to giving back to his community- he is involved in charities such as Swim Across the Sound for St. Vincent's Medical Foundation, the Cardinal Shehan Center, and the annual 9/11 ride, to name a few. He has also hosted an annual holiday food and toy drive in coordination with the Bridgeport Police, Fire, and EMS Departments for the past 24 years- and looks forward to continuing the tradition this coming holiday season. ??

Mr. Vazzano is thrilled to embark on his season as the 2018 Barnum Festival Ringmaster and hopes to leave a positive mark on the community he loves.


About the Barnum Festival

The Barnum Festival is a celebration of the City of Bridgeport and the surrounding area that originated in 1948 to help support local businesses and honor P.T. Barnum'a world-renowned showman and city leader. The Barnum Festival events focus on building community spirit, fostering philanthropy, and celebrating the diverse cultures represented by residents. The festival culminates in a weekend-long Barnum Palooza that hosts parades, concerts, fireworks, and other family-friendly festivities.